Allow me to introduce… myself.

J.C thought that I should probably introduce myself to everyone, so here goes.

I am a writer, reader, and reviewer based in little old New Zealand. I have been writing for a number of years – primarily for myself, and for friends who love reading my work.

Leigh K. Hunt

I have been roped into reviewing books on this blog-site in conjunction with J.C. She pointed out to me that two book-reviewers on this site is better than one, so I have found myself joining her here. If you would like to read about me or my writing journey, then please visit Parchment Place. It’s a pretty nice place to visit, even if you aren’t interested in writing, as such.

Due to the amount that I read, I recently signed up to become a reviewer with NetGalley. I knew that I wanted to blog my reviews, but knew that I didn’t want the reviews clogging up my Writer’s Blog space. Therefore, I have joined this lovely little blog, just to house my reviews. (Thank you, Cassie!)

At this stage, I work full time, writing an urban-fantasy trilogy, and reviewing draft manuscripts. I have been reviewing writer’s draft works within my own networks on request for a number of years now, and would like to review and promote new pieces of work that I come across as well.

I am also on Goodreads, and the reviews will be posted there as well as directly with the wonderful publishers who have given us their Advanced Reading Copies.

I read a lot of thrillers, young adult books, fantasy, and general fiction. Every now and then I also try my hand at romances, but to be honest – sometime the steamy bits in them make me gag, and I find myself page-skipping over those parts! I’m not judging though!

Please feel free to leave a comment, or drop us a note – as we would love to hear from you.

All the best, fellow bookish people… I look forward to seeing you around. My first book review on here will be up shortly.

Leigh K. Hunt

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About Leigh K. Hunt

Leigh K. Hunt considers herself a dreamer. She disappears into worlds created within her head, and every now and then she’ll re-enter the real world for a little while before delving back in again. Leigh writes for the love of writing, the creation of new worlds, and creating new characters that she eventually considers as her ‘internal friends’. Leigh has written a number of unpublished novels, and some short fiction. Leigh supports her passion for writing by working in the world of New Zealand Treaty Settlements. At home, she is based on the Kapiti Coast, in the lovely world of marriage and the motherhood of a baby girl, and a lonely oversized tomcat. For further information about Leigh, her writing, books, and writing advice - visit her website:

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