After ‘the end’

What do you do when you finish a book?

I just finished reading the Hunger Games series yesterday and wow. The final book didn’t pull any punches and I was left completely satisfied (and teary). I was also left entirely unsure what to read next. I opened a few files, tried to push into something else, but what I really needed was some time away from fiction. I needed to mull over what had happened, the emotions I felt, and just appreciate what an amazing journey the series had been.

I certainly don’t find that this is the case for every book. There are many that I get to the end of and think ‘that was great, what next?’.  Sometimes, I guess when the book has really resonated with me, when it’s gone out on a near perfect conclusion, I just want to savour it.

What about you? Do you ever find that you just need to stop and take a break from reading after you finish a book? What kind of book makes you feel that way?

Just so you know, the feeling didn’t last long. This morning I have settled into a new read.


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