How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire – Kerrelyn Sparks

Love at Stake Book One
ISBN# 0-06-075196-7 by Avon Books

I was initially intrigued with the title, and later discovered that Kerrelyn Sparks has a fascination with old movies, as most of her titles are variations of them.

The story started out a bit dry.  Vampires not drinking blood, but who have created a synthetic blood?  What is with that?

But intrigued, I read on.

Oh no, they are also creating humans using sex toys so that they can experience the bite without killing a human.

Can it get any worse?

Yes.  Roman Draganesti, the CEO of Romatech Industires breaks his fang in the dummy.  And this is where the story might have ended for me, except for the fact that is was almost too funny not to keep reading.

The story improves when the vampire goes to a dentist who has her own drama’s.  The Russian Mafia are after Shanna Whelan; more to the point the Russian Vampire Mafia.  And so sets the course for Roman and Shanna’s worlds to collide and set in motion a vampire war.

I actually did enjoy the story.  It was almost laughable in places, and the continual near sexual encouters between Roman and Shanna were probably what kept me going the most.  The characters were a little corny, but they dealt with very real issues.  How do the undead and the living exist alongside each other?  Can they actually have a successful relationship, or is it doomed?

The story idea was interesting: synthetic blood, a vampire with a conscience and a world that is turning against them.  From what I understand, this is part of a series of books that Kerrelyn has written, and I think I will buy more to read.

4 Stars – KJM


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