Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary

Wild Sight

By Loucinda McGary

Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN: 1402213948

Sensual romantic suspense set in Ireland featuring a hero with psychic powers. Cursed with the Irish clairvoyance known as -The Sight,- Donovan O’Shea fled to America to escape his -gift.- Fifteen years later, his father’s illness has forced him to return to the family homestead where years earlier, Donovan’s mother disappeared into the fens and was never seen again. Now the same fens are offering up secrets, both ancient and recent, and restoring a terrible legacy that just may drive him mad. And if this were not trouble enough, a beautiful woman walks into his life, claiming to be his half-sister. Rylie Powell never knew her real father. Her mother would only say he was a charming Irishman who seduced her, married her, and then abandoned her and his baby daughter. But after her mother’s death, Rylie finds tantalizing clues about her father that send her off to Northern Ireland and an archeological site on Dermot O’Shea’s property, the man listed on her birth certificate as her father. Did Dermot O’Shea father both Donovan and Rylie? What is Donovan’s connection to the Celtic High King Niall of the Nine Hostages? And what secrets do the fens hold that invites murder?

There was something odd about this story.  I never felt really connected with the characters.  Not that they didn’t seem real, but the story didn’t really flesh them out as well as I would have liked.  Maybe it was just me, and I missed something in the story.  I wonder if it was the possiblility that they might be related – it was an interesting question to pose, but I don’t know if this was really pulled off.

There were areas where editing could have been a little tighter, there was lots of description that was unnecessary and a couple of times I huffed in annoyance at how one seemed to know what had happened without the other person telling them.

The formatting for the Kindle left a lot to be desired, there were no indents at new paragraphs which didn’t draw the eye easily.  The other problem I found was some words were suspended or returns at the end of single words, which wasn’t fixed no matter what sized font I tried.

Now for the good stuff, the story was interesting – it was the “sight” that first interested me to the story.  There were moments where the story dragged, but there were also moments of intense excitement.  I read the story religiously to the end, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more about the sight, or the sight used more frequently, instead of being used when answers were needed.

Overall, 3 stars out of 5.


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