Guardian of the Jewel – LaVerne Clark

Title: Guardian of the Jewel

Author: LaVerne Clark

Publisher The Wild Rose Press; Crimson Rose edition (November 2, 2010)


After coming to terms with the brutal death of her husband by unknown thugs half a world away from New Zealand, Amy Hamblin concentrates on bringing up their son alone, struggling to make their dream of an action-adventure tourism venture a success.

When a dark, dangerous-looking man knocks on her door late at night claiming to be a guest, the safe, quiet life she’d created is suddenly anything but…

Gabriel Ryan’s task of finding the priceless blue diamond Amy’s husband stole from an organised crime ring, is made all the more difficult by the attraction that sizzles between them. Playing a role had never been so hard, and now, with a ruthless killer on the trail of the missing jewel as well, he needed all his wits about him to keep them all alive.

I really enjoyed this story! Being set in NZ was a plus, but the bonus was it was set on the West Coast of the South Island – what better place to have a story, and the setting fits the story so well. The story flows well and the suspence was well written.

I had to stay awake long enough to finish it ! LaVerne has managed to bring the right blend of suspense and romance to her story and rather than being stilted, the work together extremely well. The tension between the characters, sexual and otherwise, was very real, and I felt for Amy throughout the story, the conflict, the anger, the lust, the passion that she felt and experienced.

Well done LaVerne, look forward to reading more of your work.

4 out of 5


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