Fall Mixed Up

Here’s one for the kids!

I got this via NetGalley because I was feeling pretty tired of most of the stories we have in the house. We are well overdue some more kids books and I thought, why not?

Release date: September 1st, 2011
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group
Author: Bob Raczka. Illustrated by Chad Cameron

“Every Septober,
Every Octember, 
Fall fills my senses 
with scenes to remember.”

“Bears gather nuts. 
Geese hibernate. 
Squirrels fly south 
in big figure eights.”

Fall is all mixed up in this silly book from Bob Raczka! Can you find his mistakes in the words and pictures?

From the moment I opened it up, all the way to the end of this book, my kids were smiling. My eldest is 6, and the middle one 2.5, and they both enjoyed it, though it’s definitely geared towards the elder of them. She loves puzzling over things and trying to figure out what’s not quite right.

Despite this being tailored very much for the American market, over here in NZ we are exposed to enough of the culture that my 6 year old could understand about Halloween and Thanksgiving. I did have to explain a few things to her, but after the first read through she had it sorted and loved pointing out all the things that were wrong with the pictures.

The illustrations were delightful, they flowed really well and in particular we liked the bears gathering nuts and the flying squirrels. My six year old laughs a lot whenever we read it, and it has quickly become a favourite in our house. Since getting the ARC for this a few weeks ago, barely a day has gone by when there hasn’t been a request to have this story read, they simply adore it.

I’d recommend  it to anyone with school aged kids, particularly those in the US. It’s a quick, fun read with great illustrations that get’s the kids thinking.


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