Mark Haddon – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Published by David Fickling Books

ISBN 0-09-945676-1

Fifteen-year-old Christopher has a photographic memory.  He understands maths.  He understands Science.  What he can’t understand are other human beings.  When he finds his neighbour’s dog lying dead on the lawn, he decides to track down the killer and write a murder mystery about it.  But what other mysteries will he end up uncovering?

Christopher Boone has aspergers or something similar.  He is brilliant, but lacks social graces to handle the real world.  While his mind ponders things, he is often out wondering the streets at night, and this is how he discovers his neighbours dog has been killed.  A rather grisly way to start a book, but an effective way to hook the reader.

This story follows the adventures that Christopher has with little side trips into his head and how it works (or doesn’t work as the case may be).  We discover that he doesn’t lie, because he can’t.  He doesn’t understand the world as we know it, and this little insight into her version of the world makes me, as a reader, finally understand just why these people react as they do.

This story has some funny moments, it has some heart breaking moments, but overall, this story is about achievement and reaching your goal, which Christopher does on so many levels.


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