Plum Sykes – The Debutante Divorcee

Penguin Group ISBN:  100670915955

 The most reckless and glamourous ofManhattan’s Debutante Divorcee set, Lauren captivates newly-wed Sylvia Mortimer.  But while Lauren sets out on a morality-lite, orgasm-heavy Make-Out Challenge, Sylvia discovers marriage isn’t exactly an Eternity ad, especially when the city’s most notorious Husband Huntress zeros in on her spouse.

Navigating a world of Divorce Showers, and Power Christenings, Socialite Babies, Professional Friends, Gorgeous West Village Wives and Un-Googleable Men, Sylvia fears her husband is straying and starts asking, as Lauren says, ‘Who needs a husband anyway?’ 

OK, this story is probably best understood by Manhattan’s elite and social climbers.  At times I felt out of depth reading this book, and I often wondered if it was a rather tongue in cheek look at society’s elite in New York.  But the scary thing is, I believe it is a genuine attempt at showing what life is really like.  And it is shallow.

So much time was spent on being skinny while pregnant, having the one of a kind piece of jewellery, going for a cruise at St Bart’s for a second honeymoon – a world far removed from my own precious and serious life.

As for the story, it was a good yarn, as long as you like reading a book that appears to be taking the mickey, because that was the only reason I read it.  It seemed to be full of humour and humorous situations that were just over the top.  But then that is what life could be like for them.

A nice light easy to read story that didn’t take me too long to bowl through.  The characters are superficial, even the lead character of Sylvia who seemed to be so easily led by her single friends into believing that her husband might just be carrying on behind her back.  But it all works out in the end, and if you want a light and fluffy read, without too much thinking, then this is the book for you.

3 out of 5


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