Reading Goals

Back near the start of the year I saw that a friend had set herself a goal of 100 books for 2011. In fact, there was a specific challenge set up over at GoodReads for people to set their own goals. Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon – seeing that I had only read *cringe* 12 books for 2010 (I think part of this was that I wasn’t using GR effectively, which I’ve certainly started doing this year!) I set myself a goal of 75 books – 100 just seemed too big at the time.

We’re now into the 8th month of the year and I am sitting at 53 books – well on track to hit 75! It’s made me think that perhaps I could do 100 in a year, but that maybe I should be breaking that down even further. What if I said 75 fiction books and 25 non-fiction? At least 10 books written before the year 2000? At least 10 new releases? Of course, this year I took up the ABC Indie Fiction Challenge, though I am falling behind on the requirements for that one.

Do you set goals for your reading? Are they specific, or general? Do you use GoodReads or another site to keep track of what you’ve been reading? I’d love to know! I feel like since I started taking an active approach to reading I’m getting through a lot more than I used to. Books aren’t going to just fall into my lap, but the search for a new title can be just as interesting as the book I end up with.


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