One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey

One Good Knight is, quite frankly, fluff, but it was entertaining fluff.

Princess Andromeda (Andie) is a studious bookworm, struggling to fit into courtly life and obtain her mother’s approval.  Queen Cassiopeia is voluptuous, sensual and unimpressed with her skinny, quiet daughter.

But Andie’s life takes a frightening turn when a dragon appears over the kingdom.  The traditional virgin sacrifices are initiated, and the kingdom calls for a Champion to come to their aid.

Lackey uses the traditional fairytale tropes (godmothers, princesses and rescuers, witches in the woods) and builds a world from them, and it is a fun concept.  There’s a good dash of romance in the books (as you would expect from the Luna imprint) and the plot is a little light, but that doesn’t detract from the story.

I enjoyed this novel, I think in part because it was a break from the more serious fantasy I had been reading previously. As long as you go into the book expecting a light, fun read, you won’t be disappointed.


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