Mom Energy

The title of this book is something I’m seriously lacking in, so of course when I saw it listed at NetGalley I requested it and got stuck right in.

Here’s a bit about the book:

Released Sep 1st, 2011 by Hay House, Inc.

From celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff and fitness trainer to the starsKathy Kaehler comes Mom Energy, an exciting new way for moms to tap into their own natural and renewable sources of energy to overcome fatigue and achieve their personal health goals. Koff and Kaehler have put together a safe, sensible, flexible, and, most importantly, effective program for moms of any age—whether their kids are in diapers or heading off to college.

While being a mom is undeniably rewarding, it’s also one of the most physically demanding and stressful activities in modern society. In fact, one of the most common complaints from mothers is that they simply don’t have the energy to do everything they want, which means they end up sacrificing one thing (usually their own health) to accomplish another. But these sacrifices aren’t necessary if you follow some simple guidelines and avoid secret energy saboteurs. 

With discussions that cover everything from nutrition to fitness to time management, Koff and Kaehler lay out a three-part program (reorganize, rehab, and recharge) that can be molded to any lifestyle to help moms naturally up their energy levels. And with this enhanced energy, they will get all sorts of other unexpected benefits, including a stronger immune system, easier weight loss, and even better relationships. Mom Energywill teach readers what will help and what will hurt in their quest for optimum energy.

For the most part, I think the book delivers on what it says it will. It presents the information in an easy to understand way, with lots of tips and step by step processes for instigating necessary changes in your life. I liked their little quiz about what kind of mother you are (I’m the Zombie Mum – never enough sleep!), and felt like this book actually helped me to make some positive changes in my own life. But let’s face it, no-one can force you to do something. You have to be in the right head space to make changes. That said, if you are reaching for a book that is targeted towards those things, then you are probably ready for a change.

I’m giving this book 3 stars, because while I felt it was easy to tackle, a lot of the information is available anywhere. We all know we need to get enough sleep, exercise, eat foods that are good for us and take time out for ourselves – finding ways to make sure we get all of those things is never as easy as we’d like. There are some good suggestions for integrating those things, but I felt like a lot of them were for women in a higher income bracket than me. I simply can’t afford to get the best stuff all the time, and frequently we just have to make do with what we have, or go without.

These women do seem to know what they are talking about though, and if you need a little encouragement and feel like you’re in the right head space to make some positive changes in your life, this might help to kick start you in the right direction.


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