Black Silk by Jan Gordon

Published by Jan Gordon(first published 2009)

ISBN13 2940000698679

Vic has two loves in her life, her cat, Mister, and reading books from her bookstore. Her future looked set, until one night when she’s saved from probable danger by a mysterious stranger. Cole has moved around a lot during his life, never finding a true home, until he buys an old house, and fate steps in to change his future. A light romance with a paranormal twist.

This is more of a novella than a full blown novel, but I enjoyed the story.  It was easy to read and I liked the characters of Vic and Cole, they worked well together for the betterment of the story.  Vic is a lonely spinster, living in her dead parents house and working in a shop once owned by her mother.  Her prospects of finding love in the small town are slim.  Cole is mysterious and intriguing and very much taken with Vic when he first meets her at a service station where she has witnessed a stick up.

What wasn’t satisfactory was the way that the storyline involving the stick up – the man starts to hound Vic because she made a statement to the police and identified him.  The ending of that felt flat and kind of rushed.

This could have easily been a novel, there were lots of areas in which you could develop this story further, but I still enjoyed it none the less, a bit of light reading on a Saturday afternoon.


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