Paul Carson – Cold Steel

Published in 1999 by William Heinemann (Random House UK Ltd)

ISBN 0434007676

The body of a teenage girl is found in a Dublin park. She has been brutually stabbed to death. For Dublin’s police and politicians, the nightmare is just beginning. The dead girl is the daughter of a high-profile American surgeon who heads the Mercy Hospital’s new Heart Foundation.

When DS Jim Clarke and his team pick up the trail of a suspect, the pressure is on to close in quickly. America is baying for justice. But do they have the right man?

At the Mercy Hospital Frank Clancy, consultant haematologist, is concerned about two unusual deaths. But when he decides to take a closer look he places his own life in danger…

An intriguing read that took some getting into.  I started reading this book some time ago, but seemed to be able to put it down, but pick it up again.  The entire story takes place over an 8 day period from the time her body was discovered to when they uncovered the real conspiracy.

Interesting turns and twists within the story that had you guessing right to the end who the murderer actually was, and even then, it wasn’t entirely clear who murdered the school girl first.  Not that she was an innocent victim in this game.  She was a junkie who ended up trying to double cross the wrong people.

There were lots of characters to try and follow in the book, and it didn’t really all come together until the last few pages.  When it did come together, it wasn’t as satisfying as I would have expected, but and there was a lot of facts at the end that weren’t even in the original story, which was a shame because it would have added a whole different dimension to the story.

Overall I recommend 3 out of 5 stars.


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