Black Light

The debut novel from the writers of the multi-million-dollar-grossingSaw movie franchise.

Private investigator Buck Carlsbad’s psychic abilities place him in high demand among those looking for quick solutions to supernatural problems. But for Buck, each case is only a link in the chain of a lifelong obsession: to locate the long departed spirits of his mother and father, killed in an unsolved murder when he was only a child.

Then Buck gets a call from a reclusive billionaire with a very strange request, and finds himself on a bullet-fast train headed straight to hell.

BLACK LIGHT is the explosive debut that combines a noir sensibility with supernatural suspense and high concept action, as Buck leads the reader through an underworld of exotic darkness and adventure.

**I wrote a full review, but somehow it’s not saved as a draft and I have to start over, so here is the shorter version.

This novel follows Buck, a man who drags the vengeful dead out of the living world and into himself, in order to remove them from the land of the living permanently. His whole focus in life is to answer the question of what happened to his parents – unfortunately for him, the only place he can find those answers is the last place he wants to be.

I really liked the take on the paranormal shown in this novel. It was something new for me – the main character physically taking the spirits into himself before being able to dispose of them – and I liked the dark and gritty setting. Buck is a bit of a tortured soul, getting old before his time, burning years of his life in the pursuit of answers. These questions that haunt him prevent him from living life, to the extent that he might as well be one of the dead already – his way of handling situations doesn’t lend itself to reaching old age 😉

There were quite a few secondary characters, some of which I really liked (his sidekicks lend some comic relief to the story and the few women he comes into contact with are all very different). For the most part though, they played their cards very close to the chest and it wasn’t until near the end that I felt like I was getting a grip on who was controlling the situation and what the outcome might be. I was genuinely surprised at several points with the twists written in and the ending didn’t disappoint.

The writing is highly visual, incredibly detailed at times, and it’s here that you can tell this was produced by people who write movies. While sometimes I had to read something over, in order to make sure I had it all straight in my head, I could see how this would translate to film – and it’s a movie I would want to see.

If you’re the kind of person who likes this level of detail, who likes a dark and gritty tale with a paranormal bent, then you should probably check this out.


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