Hold Me, Thrill Me, Entice Me – The Caldwell Sisters Series

A trilogy of romantic novellas set in exotic locations, featuring the Caldwell sisters – Jane, Margo and Allison – on their quest to fulfill their mothers last wish for them to find their long lost father.

After their mothers will reveals that their father – Zack Caldwell, missing, presumed dead, for twenty years – is actually alive, Jane takes a trip to the jungles of Guatemala, where she finds herself sorely unprepared for the task that lies ahead.

Lucky for her, she encounters the handsome and mysterious Harrison DeNeuve who helps her find her missing father, as well as love.

This was a nice lead in to the trilogy. Jane is a head strong character who is hugely out of place in the jungle. She quickly finds her match in Harrison, and the story moves forward from there. Due to the small word count, you do need to suspend disbelief at how rapidly the feelings form, but I think that’s something lovers of romance can easily do.

The second novella, Thrill Me, is my favourite of the three – I really liked Margo, and her slightly younger love interest, Adrian. They seemed like the best match up, and it was the most exciting read in all ways. It lived up to it’s name, as both characters were thrilled, sexually, and found themselves caught in a life threatening situation.

The first two books take a similar format with the sisters travelling, finding their love interests, and the man who could be their father, and finally reading a letter from their mother, allowing them to move past their own hang ups and commit to a relationship. These letters are beautifully written and I’ll confess, made me a little misty eyed.

I think, because of the nature of these books, that I can’t consider it a spoiler to say that the real Zach Caldwell isn’t discovered until the third book in the series. By the time I got there I hoped that there would be a very good reason for the man to abandon his family – the third book finally cleared up the mystery.

This one took a different format from the first two, which surprised me a little. Allison is the youngest of the sisters, and had read her letter before the events of the third book take place. She leaves the safety of her ranch to venture to Afghanistan in search of her missing father, and the older PI, Robert Rivera, can’t help but follow her to keep her safe.

I felt like this novella was a gentler love story than the two before hand, fitting for Allison’s nature. A lot of the action happened away from Allison, with the two love interests actually being apart for a fair amount of the story line.

Ultimately, she returns home with her father in tow and the mystery is revealed. I was quite satisfied with the way it was all tied up.

Over all these are very easy, quick to read stories. The locations are described really well, and the atmosphere of each situation was nicely captured. If you’re looking for a run romance series, then you might want to check this out.

We’ll have a quick interview with the author, Lucianne Rivers, here on the 19th – make sure you check back in then! And if you are interested in checking these books out, the first is currently only .99c at Amazon.


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