The Water Baby – Cherie Le Clare

Published by Cherrie Books, New Zealand 2011

 ISBN 978-0-9876602-6-8

 Some things should never be revealed…

Californian, Jasmine Davis, runs from a past she’s ashamed of to make a new life in New Zealand. Determined not to repeat past mistakes she will not mix her real estate business with pleasure. But this plan goes awry when she meets the irresistable Fraser Brook and gives in to temptation.

Fate intervenes when her ex-husband tracks her down and forces her to reveal their dark secret. How will Fraser and Jasmine’s love survive?

 I have the honour of knowing Cherie Le Clare, but I have never read any of her work… until now.  And I have to admit, I like her style.

 Jasmine has run away from theUnited Statesand set herself up in Nelson New Zealand as a Real Estate Agent.  She is visiting a potential client when she discovers his house is empty, and there is a swimming pool.  An incident with a wasp led to Jasmine and Fraser Brook, the house owner meeting, and the sparks fly.

 Jasmine’s motto is never mix business with pleasure, after meeting her first husband through the work that they shared and she married him.  It did not turn out well, and Jasmine is determine to not make the same mistake twice.  Fraser has other ideas though.

 This is wonderfully well crafted story, full of tension and drama, and of course love – it is a romance novel!


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