The Bone Tiki – David Hair

Published by HarperCollins

 ISBN: 978-1-86950-734-3

What do you do when you meet a Tohunga Makutu?  You run

 When Reality dissolves and myths and legends come alive?  You run faster.

 And when the dead come to life and blood debts have to be paid. Will you have the courage to do what must be done?

 Matiu Douglas has a bone tiki he stole from a tangi.  His father’s important new client wants it.  Badly.  And he has some very nasty friends.  When Mat is forced to flee for his life, an unexpected meeting with a girl called Pania sets his world spinning.  Suddenly he’s running through the bush with a girl-clown, a dog who is way too human, and a long-dead warrior.  Fearful creatures from legend are rising up around him, and Mat faces a terrifying ordeal.

And there is nowhere left to hide… not even in another world.


The librarians talked me into reading this book, but it didn’t take too much convincing, it looked rather interesting, and there is another two books to read in the series.

Matiu was promised the bone tiki while he was a child, and when he discovers that his father’s client – Puarata – wants it too, Mat takes it for himself, somehow sensing that Nanny Wai wanted him to have it more than Puarata.  He is forced to flee the Marae with his friend, Riki, and hopes to head to Taupo to be with his Mother.  Unknown to him, Puarata is a powerful Tohunga Makutu, an evil sorcerer who is able to track him.  When he meets Pania in Napier the world as Mat knew it starts to change and puts him on a adventure where he discovers that he has more Maori in him than he thought, and that he can be just as strong as the famed Tohunga Makutu, but that knowledge could kill his parents, his friends, and the warrior that he feels a kinship with.

 Matiu was a very well written character, and his journey from Napier toCapeReingawas as much about his spiritual growth and understanding of his own heritage as it was about helping Wiri, the Warrior.  There was lots of action and tense situations within the story the definitely kept me gripped. 

 This story was a stand alone story, but there are three books in the series, so will be interesting to see if the other books are stand alone as well.


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