Golden Blood – Melissa Pearl

This book is better than Twilight. I can say that honestly because I read both books in the same week and I found this one both better written, and more engaging – not to mention the fact that the characters are easier to like.

Gemma Hart never knows when her father is going to whisk her back in time. Her toes start tingling and she has a few minutes to find a secret haven where she can disintegrate and appear in another time and place. While “across the line,” her training and skills are put to the test as she completes a mission that will change history for the lucky few her father has selected. 

Gemma’s parents are adamant that secrecy is paramount to her family’s safety. If people knew what they were capable of, they could be “used and abused”, as her mother always says. Afraid she might accidentally utter the truth and break the ancient oath of her people, Gemma spends her school days as a loner. Only one thing can throw her sheltered life askew… Harrison Granger.

Harrison never expected to talk to the strange Hart girl, but after a brief encounter he can’t stop thinking about her. He begins a campaign to chisel away her icy veneer and is met with unexpected consequences. As he slowly wins this girl over, he enters a surreal world that has him fighting to keep his newfound love and his life.

This is one of those instances where I am forever grateful for my wonderful writer friends, because if it wasn’t for Leigh, I may never have known about this book. It’s a very easy read, and I quickly got captured by the characters and their story.

Gemma is an awkward teenager, very aware of her weaknesses. It is only at the prompting of her family, and an encounter with Harrison, that gets her to come out of her shell a little bit – she sees that her older brother and sister are living and enjoying life, so why shouldn’t she? The problem is that she can’t help but be honest, and finds balancing her secret life with her regular life very difficult – it’s not long before Harrison has literally fallen in too deep, and Gemma finds the foundations of her world shaken.

I really enjoyed the relationships in this book – it was great to see a main character whose family unit is in tact and fairly functional as well. They are a regular family, apart from the whole disappearing in a shower of gold and going back in time bizzo. I also liked that Gemma has more skills when it comes to the fighting side of life than Harrison, who is a little in awe of her – but not so much that he feels unworthy of her attentions. There is a nice balance between them.

This is a very easy read. If you like fast paced YA urban fantasy with a strong set of characters and want to explore a new writer, then I thoroughly recommend that you check this one out – it’s the perfect time, because Book Two in the series is out in just a few days now, and I hear that Book Three will be released early next year. I know I’ll be checking them out.


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