Lois Sachar – Holes

Published by Bloomsbury

ISBN 0 7475 4847 1

 Stanley Yelnats isn’t too surprised to find himself atCampGreenLake, digging holes in the dried up lake bed, day after scorching day.  After all, his family has a history of bad luck.

 The boys at Camp Green Lake must dig one hold each day, five feet deep and five feet across.  But what are they digging for?  Why did Green Lake dry up?  And what do onions and lizards have to do with it all?  The answers lie in Stanley’s own past…

 Man I enjoyed this story.  It flowed quickly, didn’t linger, but had a real kicker at the end.  In fact I read the last part of the book and groaned that I hadn’t seen it earlier!

 Stanley lands up in trouble, and instead of prison he is sent to Camp Green Lake, a facility for boys who are in major trouble. Stanley struggles to fit in initially, but after sticking up for his fellow group, he fast becomes a firm favourite.  But then it goes pear shaped when he strikes a deal with one of his group – he will teach him to read, and Zero will dig part of his hole.  This creates tension which leads to Stanley and Zero running away.

 The flashbacks in history were interesting and tied in with the story so well.  In fact the way the ending comes together makes you aware of what had happened in the book and tidied it up so nicely.

 This was a book that I would highly recommend to adults and young adults alike, as the humour and situations in the book would seem familiar to most.


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