Blood Brother by J A Kerley

Published by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN 978-0-00-726907-S

His big brother’s in the Big Apple.  And he’s got more than time to kill.

 Homicide Detective Carson Ryder catches killers.  Jeremy Ridgecliffe is one of America’s most notorious murderers.  But these two men with death in their veins share a dark secret – they are brothers.  And now Jeremy’s escaped and is at large in New York.

 A mysterious video at the scene of a shocking mutilation murder demands Ryder be brought in on the case.  Wit Jeremy as the chief suspect a manhunt begins – and the body count rises.  Ryder, trying to keep his secret from the NYPD and his brother alive, is trapped in a game of life, death and deceit – with an unknown number of players and no clear way of winning.

I purchased this book from a shop because it looked interesting, and has to be one of the first few where the blurb on the back matched the tension of the story inside.

Charles and Jeremy Ridgecliffe were brothers, but because of a vicious incident in their past, Charles changed his identity and became someone else – Carson Ryder.

Carson is dragged to New York when a friend of his from Alabama is murdered, and a video message she left advised the police that Carson would know where to start looking.  After a few false starts, pieces of the puzzle start falling into place, and soon some questions are raised about whether Jeremy is behind the murders or not.  Carson is torn between protecting his brother and bringing him down.

This was a very good yarn, tension was steadily built throughout the book making it one where you could not put it down in the end.  The characters were well rounded, and the fact that most of them were lying, made for very interesting clashes.  There was lots of conflict in the story, which only made for more gripping reading.

I will be keeping an eye out for any more of J A Kerley’s books, as he has a series of stories around Carson Ryder and the cases that he is involved in.


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