Lifeguard – James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Headline Book Publishing

ISBN 0 7553 2568 0

The perfect job:  Working for an easy going boss at his sprawling luxurious mansion by the sun-kissed beach, watching beautiful women walk by.

The perfect girl: Beautiful, funny, apparently very rich and what’s more, Tess is as head-over-heels for him as he is for her.

The perfect score:  Five million up for grabs.  And to get his share, all he needs to do is trigger three house alarms to throw the cops off the scent of the real robbery.  Simple as that.

Could things get any better for Ned Kelly?

But on the big night, things don’t go quite according to plan and Ned is now the prime suspect in a murder case.  He has been set up and the perfect life is snatched away from him, just as it was within touching distance.

Another fast paced action thriller by Mr Patterson and Mr Cross.  I love reading their books, and I think the short punchy chapters have something to do with that.

Ned Kelly met a wonderful girl, who seemed to have it all, and was just as interested in him.  Just one job I have to do, then we can leave – he promises her.  A promise he didn’t keep.  Not because he didn’t want to, because he couldn’t.

His friends are dead, and there was a double cross, but why is he being framed?  How did they know that he was involved?  Coming from a long line of criminals, he goes back home to confront his father.  His best friends and cousins are dead, and he suspects his father knows about it.  But his father won’t spill the beans.  And when his own brother is killed, he knows that something is seriously wrong.

Enter into the mix a sassy FBI Art  Investigator, and you have romance, suspicions, lies and double double crosses.  Just when you think you have it figured out, the rug is pulled from under you again.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat, and like most of Mr Patterson’s books, I thought I had it pegged, but then he moved the goal posts on me.  The red herrings were real clues, the real clues were red herrings.  It was a heady mix of brilliant writing and suspense.

An excellent whodunit.


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