Black Blood – Melissa Pearl

This is the second book in the Time Spirit series, and it follows close on the heels of the first. Gemma’s parents are hell bent on taking away the one thing she loves – her boyfriend, Harrison – and they go to the greatest lengths to do so by erasing him from history.

Little do they know that doing so will only drive her closer to the Gabe, the mysterious man we were introduced to at the end of the first book, Golden Blood.

Once again Melissa Pearl crafts a really quick paced, easy read. This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal YA. If you have checked out the first book then you definitely need to read this one.

Gemma suffers the ultimate betrayal, and learns that large chunks of her life are based on lies. As she struggles to deal with this, and the loss of Harrison, she is forced to break away from her parents and forge her own path.

I really admire Gemma, she is one hell of a strong character and the times when she could easily have been broken, she dug deep and found a way forward. The love she has for Harrison really shines through in this novel, as does her determination to set things right.

This is a solid second book, and leads really nicely into the final book of the series. I have recently read that as well, and will be posting a review next week.


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