Stonelight – Gaelyn Gordon

Stonelight by Gaelyn Gordon

Published by Reed Methuen Publishers Ltd

ISBN 0 474 00323 X

This is the story of Angela, until recently a glue-sniffing streetkid, and Thomas, the son of a backblock farming family.  These two unlikely heroes find themselves pitched reluctantly in a strange struggle to preserve balance between all things.  With their young twin companions, Jason and Dean, they discover they are gifted with uncanny powers and abilities. 

 Set in the North Island of New Zealand, Stonelight is a supernatural adventure story which gives power and scope to the imagination of all readers.

This story was sadly lacking.  It had a lot of potential, but didn’t really follow through for me, and don’t get me started on the ending!

There was little in the story to suggest that Angela was a glue-sniffing streetkid.  She was just more of a nuisance, wagging school and being smart – streetwise would have been more like it.  And if she had been a glue sniffer, why did she stop?  That wasn’t really answered satisfactorily for me.

Both lead characters were believable, but some of the other characters seemed to lack depth.  I don’t know any parents, now or back when the story was written, who would have let their twin sons disappear off with two teenagers that they barely knew, on a quest that sounds more like they were all sniffing glue.

The story could have been fleshed out more, tension built up better, and ended better (it felt like Ms Gordon didn’t know what to do, so wrapped up the story in a rush!).  There were gaps in the story that I would have liked answers to, but they were vague.  What was the mysterious wind that kept and why was it directed at Thomas and Angela?

Very disappointing for what could have been an excellent Kiwi Supernatural story.


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