The Supernaturalist – Eoin Colfer

2004 – Puffin Books ISBN 0-141-31741-8

Satelite City, Northern Hemisphere, Soon:

 Cosmo Hill is a human guinea pig in an orphanage used by corporations to test new products.  Statistics say he has about a year left to live – unless he escapes.  But escapes to what?

To a world of high-tech gang warfare, swat teams of paralegals and a plague of four-fingered parasites who are invisible to everyone except three misfits who call themselves Supernaturalists.

Could Cosmo be one of them?  Are they the family he’s always wanted? And if he does become a Supernaturalist, will his life get any longer – or a whole lot shorter?

 Eoin Colfer can spin a yarn and make you feel like it is real.  He manages to sucker you into a world of fairies (Artemis Fowl) or in this case, a futuristic city full of dangers and hardships.  I love the way he tells the story, gets to the guts of the problem and lays it out for the reader to work it out.

This story revolves around a boy named Cosmo Hill (because he was found on Cosmonaut Hill).  He lives in an orphanage, because he has no parental sponsors and life is tough for no sponsors.  And at 14, chances are getting shorter by the day of ever getting a sponsor.

An accident one day leads to him and his cuffmate escaping, but escaping into what?  They are chased by the warden and fall from the top of a tall building, where they are left for dead.  His cuffmate is dead, but Cosmo is rescued by three motley kids from the life sucking parasites.  When he says he can see the creatures, they reluctantly take him with them back to their lair.

So begins the adventure of Cosmo and the Supernaturalists.  With the most briefest of trainings, Cosmo, complete with lightning rod, heads out with the others to remove the world of the Parasites, but are they helping or hindering.

The way the story is told sucks you in from the first chapter, and leaves you gasping for breath as you read the final chapter, and clearly Mr Colfer has more stories in mind, because he has left the ending open for them.  I hope to get my hands on them soon.


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