Case Files by Larry Verstraete

Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd

ISBN 978-1-4431-0000-7

A killer had been caught, convicted and sentenced, the case closed , all within 114 days.  No one suspected – least of all the boy on death row – that it would take almost 50 years for a tiny piece of scientific evidence to answer the question:  Was it really murder?

 40 amazing stories of how scientists solve crimes, reveal identities, untangle evidence and discover the truth.

This is a fascinating book which focuses on the science that brings the murderer to justice, or solves crime, or even identifies a body.  There are very interesting cases in here, like Tsar Nicholas Romanov and his family, Pharaoh Tutankhamun, a serial arsonist, murder cases and lost shipwrecks.

While I watch CSI, sometimes the program exaggerates the information and everything is processed in a day, whereas in real life, it can take weeks to process DNA, geographical scans and interpret the results.

This was a very interesting read, especially if you want to write a murder mystery.


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