My Beautiful Spy – Colin Falconer

Bantam Books ISBN 1 86325 506 0

1940. Europe is at war and British spy Nick Davis is posing as a diplomat inBucharest.  A centre of fashion, art and culture, graced with beautiful boulevards, even an Arc de Triomphe,Bucharestis known as “Little Paris”.  But Nazis have recently arrived, and terror has overtaken the city.

 When Nick rescues the beautiful but mysterious Daniela Simonici, mistress to a German businessman, his life is changed forever.  Nick and Daniela fall for each other, hard, and soon Daniela is spying for Nick.  But who is Daniela Simonici?  Who does she really love? And who is she really spying for?

This is a truly amazing story.  With the backdrop of World War 2, and in the outskirts of the main war, this story revolves around Nick, a spy who is unhappily married and Daniela, a mysterious woman who seems to always be apologising.

When Nick convinces Daniela to spy for him, they believe they are getting the much needed information required that would help to end the war earlier, but there is a spy within the British High Commission, and when they have to retreat from Bucharest to Istanbul, Daniela and her German move there also.

The ending comes together nicely and leaves you breathlessness of the speed at which everything happens.  The outcome might not be to everyone’s satisfaction, and I know I have a few questions, but the storytelling was amazing.

A well woven story with lots of twists and turns.


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