Mission: Survival – Sands of the Scorpion by Bear Grylls

Published by Random House Childrens Books, ISBN 978 1 862 30482

 Having stumbled upon a smuggling operation, Beck Granger is forced to bail out of a plane over the merciless Sahara Desert.  Now he faces a slow and agonising death if he can’t cross the miles of sand between him and civilisation. 

Finding water…

Eating scorpions…

Enduring the blistering desert heat…

With nothing but a makeshift survival kit to help him, Beck will have to rely on all his survival knowledge and experience.  But the desert is not his only enemy.  Beck knows too much.  If the endless desert doesn’t kill him, there’s a very real danger that the smugglers will.  In the face of so much adversity, can Beck keep himself alive?

I got this story out because it was written by Bear Grylls and was in the Intermediate Fiction section – quick and easy read.

The entire time I was reading it, it was like Bear Grylls was narrating it in my head!  The story felt more like a young person version of Man vs Wild (Child vs Wild?) but was very entertaining.  I now know that if I am ever in the desert, to make a double walled tent, as this will keep more shade on you; make sure that you cover all of your body or else you will severely dehydrate.

I enjoyed the storyline with Beck and his mate Peter making their way across the desert after jumping out of a perfectly good plane (even though they were being shot at) and landing safely in the middle of the Sahara desert.  Not only does Beck have to keep himself alive, but he has to keep his friend alive too.

Food is scarce, water is rarer, and they have to make it to civilisation, wherever that might be.

A very enjoyable read.


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