Finding Lubchenko – Michael Simmons

ISBN 1-59514-021-2 Published by Penguin Group

Since his tightfisted millionaire father never gives him any money, Evan ‘liberates’ equipment from his Dad’s business and sells it online.  But when a man is murdered at the office and Mr Macalister is accused of the crime.  Evan is faced with a terrible dilemma.  He alone can clear his father’s name – but only by revealing his own theft operation.  And then he’ll never be grounded forever.

There’s just one thing to do: find the real murderer himself.  Armed only with a cryptic email from someone called Lubchenko, Evan sets off on a quest that catapults him and his two best friends into a world of danger and international intrigue.

Evan has to find out who killed the office worker, because it certainly wasn’t his father.  But he can’t tell anyone without incriminating himself and he doesn’t want to get into any more trouble than he already knows he is going to get into.

Evans father is a cantankerous old man.  He is horrible.  I wouldn’t want him as my father, and I think I would have just let him rot in jail, however, Evan seems to be a sucker for punishment, and he uses all means necessary to find out the story behind the murder.  Even if it involves spending his fathers money.

This story felt like it was written in second person, where you are included in the story, except instead of drawing the reader in, it almost alienates them.  The way the story is told is stilted and hard to follow at times.  The flashbacks feel heavy and clunky, and sometimes the reader has to wonder just what is going on and what the main character is thinking.

Apart from the clunkiness of the story, the storyline is interesting and once they get passed all the “why my dad treats me like this”, and “another example of how my father treats me” and yet another “my father treats me like this”.  Without all of the backstory that pulls the reader out of the story, this would have been a more exciting story.


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