Tudor Rose – Anne Perry

ISBN 978-1-84299-317-0 by Barrington Stoke Ltd

2011.  Rosie Sands knows she’s making the wrong choices in life, but it’s tough when you’re 15 and you can’t even read.

1588.  Elizabeth Tudor must face the enemy fleet gathering in the English Channel, but she knows there is danger on every side.

When Rosie finds a very special watch in her school-bag, four hundred years of history disappear to bring her face to face with Elizabeth.  A great Queen and a troubled school-girl find they can help each other in ways no one could have imagined.

This story is a lovely story, written for those with reading problems.  Simple sentences, easy to understand words brings the written word to those who struggle to read it.

Rosie is a 15 year old who seems to get into trouble because she doesn’t want people to know her secret – that she can’t read.  But when she is given a watch, she is transported back in time to become a servant to Queen Elizabeth, a woman who faces problems of her own.  The two develop a friendship that is unusual at the time,

This is the first in a series of stories.  I hope that the library will purchase the rest, because it was a nice light, quick read, and awesome for those with dyslexia.


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