Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

Never judge a book

Never a truer word was spoken.  Why is it that the movies are so different from the books (with the exception of a couple of John Grisham’s movies).  What is it about the story that directors or scriptwriters don’t believe will translate to the big screen?

Take for example Twilight – the books (in MY opinion) were fabulous, why mess with the movies?  In fact if I hadn’t read the books beforehand, I would have been hard pressed to work out the meaning of the movie!  And don’t get me started on the last TWO Twilight movies!

I don’t think I can honestly say that there is one book that I have satisfactorily seen turned into a movie.  Not one.  I bet that if I read some of the books from the movies that I have seen, I would be sorely disappointed in the movies.  I have to admit, if I have seen a good movie, and I know it is based on a book, I will try and read that book, only because I know that there will be more to the story than the movie lets on, and quite often it will have one or two “ahhh” moments, where you finally realise why that scene looked weird!

So has Anyone out there in blogland seen a movie that was ACTUALLY better than the book?  Are there any books that you DON’T want to see turned into a movie?




3 thoughts on “Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

  1. I don’t know about better, but I thought the Hunger Games movie was very good and I liked that they added some aspects you couldn’t have seen in the book because it was written in first person – like the way they manipulated the games etc. I kind of think that any movie that is going to be successfully made from a book needs to bring something extra, or have a point of difference. I do not think the point should be to have it be 100% the same. That would be kind of dull.

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