If a Book is Well Written, I Always Find it too Short.

Why is it, than when I read a book, I get to the endJane Austen Quote with more questions than answers.  I don’t generally go for sequels, or carry over books (with exception to T. G. Ayers and Melissa Pearl), but I often wonder – what happens after the ending?

Pride and Prejudice is one such book.  I love that book and read it several times, but I often wonder, just how Mr and Mrs D’Arcy got on after they went to Pemberly.  How many children did Jane and Mr Bingley have?  What happened to Kitty and how does Lydia cope with a life with Mr Wickham?  Why are there more questions at the end of the book than answers?  I love Happily ever afters, but often there were fairly unsettled periods, and I wonder whether the characters could get over the initial floods of lust and actually make the relationship work?

Or, if I really enjoy a book, and I mean REALLY enjoy a book, I just won’t finish it, because I don’t want it to end.  I have two books like that, The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Penman (about Richard III and the princes in the tower) and The Immortals by Michael Korda (about Marilyn Monroe and Robert and John Kennedy).  Both of these books are fantastic, and I love them, but just can’t bring myself to read them right through because I know it ends, but I don’t want that ending – I want the happily ever after!

In short, yes I agree, some stories are just too short, and they are generally the ones I really enjoy.  How about you?  Do you find good books are too short?  Do you have books you don’t finish because you don’t want them to end?


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