Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes

When I read a book, I have a movie going on in my brain.  It has the details of the Dreaming with eyes opencharacters, moving and talking just as the book describes.  When I close my eyes, I can see and sense the emotion of the situation, feel the anger or the love, anticipate the tension and feel the energy of the story.  I can see the background, the setting, the dirty alley with stinking rotten garbage, I can smell the sea on a hot summers day, I can feel the rain falling on my face.

Reading is my escape.  Often when I am having a bad day, I will just sit and lose myself in a book, and if it is a good book, then I am lost to the world and my family, nothing can suck me back through the pages and into reality.

Ideally, I am taken to that place the instant I start reading the first word on the first page.  If I can’t get a movie in my head by the end of the first chapter, then the book really isn’t worth it.  And it doesn’t have to be fiction either.  A really well written nonfiction book, should be able to transport you to the place they are describing, the events taking place as they tell them.

My pictures might be different to someone else who reads the same book, because they are tainted by my own perception and life situation.  I might have been in a dark alley that stinks, or been on a busy sidewalk, or been on a particular beach, so when I see things in my head, those are what I see, but someone else might have another beach that they see, with palm trees, while mine a populated by pine trees.

Do you see movies in your head when you read?  Do you dream with your eyes open?



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