Milkshake by Matt Hammond

Published by Taylor Street Publishing (October 9, 2011)

ISBN: 1466423706

milkshakePut that in your car and smoke it!

On the day David Turner is supposed to emigrate to New Zealand, he witnesses a savage murder and becomes caught up in ruthless global conspiracy.

A thirty year-old technological discovery threatens his own future and jeopardises the lives of millions of others as David discovers that starting a new life is about to become a deadly game of cat and mouse… and, somewhat surprisingly, cows.

Modifying milk so that ethanol can be processed from it could be the solution to an impending global oil crisis, but drinking it will kill you.

Can the truth be uncovered before an entire country is sacrificed to satisfy the world’s demand for bio-fuel?

The idea behind this story sounds wonderful, and easy to grasp, but the start of this story was quite heavy going.  I struggled to follow with David, wondering what exactly would happen.  It sounded more like a travelogue with lots of description of the NZ scenery.

About half way through, a new character, Brent, an SIS agent is introduced, and suddenly the story gets very interesting.  I couldn’t wait to read the next part and wonder just how all the pieces were going to come together.

Involving international espionage and policitical power, one has to wonder if this story is a Conspiracy Theory that could very possibly take place, or currently even be in the process of taking place.

If you can struggle through the first part, the final part of the story is worth the wait, very fast paced and interesting and it took me two days to finish a story that I started 6 months ago.


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