Taming the Bad Boy by Cherie Le Clare

Published by Cherie Books, 2011 – ISBN 978-0-9876602-9-9

taming the bad boyUsing drastic measures to take what he wants backfires on Luke Knight when he meets solo foster mum, Katie Ryan. Both suspicious of one another’s motives, yet equally determined to protect five year old Emily, they must support one another and learn to co-operate to keep the little girl safe. But, when Emily goes missing, their relationship is tested to its limits. 

And discovering the truth turns out to be the biggest test of all.

Luke has an axe to grind, and Katie is the one that is going to suffer for it.  Luke returns to Wellington in search of his ex-girlfriend and their daughter, only to discover that his ex is dead, and his daughter is now living with Katie, his ex’s flatmate.

But someone is plotting against both of them in an attempt to get to Emily, but who is it.  Luke suspects it is Katie, driving a wedge between their fledgling romance.  But when the chips are down, new information comes to light that throws everyone a curve ball.

I liked the two main characters.  Luke is a tough, no nonsense, hard-working man, who wants to be part of his daughters life.  But Lisa, his ex – seems determined, even from beyond the grave, to prevent him from being with his daughter, telling everyone that would listen that Emily’s father is a good for nothing loser.  In a way, she was right.

Katie was thrown into motherhood unexpectedly, and seems to have handled it well.

There were some questions that seemed to go unanswered though, and even the ending seemed a little rush, but if you enjoy NZ romances, you will like this story.


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