Owning Arabella by Shirl Anders

Publisher: Allure Books (January 31, 2010) ASIN B0036OSBZ8

Owning ArabellaAgainst her will, Arabella is gambled by her stepfather in a card game and won by the fiercely scarred Lord Darth Peregrine. A man who believes that no woman could desire him.

Lord Peregrine holds Arabella captive to his sexual desires. He is the lord and master and she is naked to his control. In the end Lord Peregrine saves Arabella’s young brother … and he saves himself. This story is an erotic regency romance with Gothic appeal and a happily-ever-after. 
Another erotica story.  I discovered Shirl Anders when I purchased her “My Lady” series, and enjoyed them very much.
Arabella stepfather uses her as collateral and he loses.  He takes Arabella back to the dark Lord Peregrine and gives her to him.  The Lord Peregrine looks at this pathetic excuse for a girl and decides that perhaps she is just what he needs.
He didn’t expect to actually want her.  But when she eventually falls for him, it takes him a while to realise that it is because of his personality, and has nothing to do with his looks.
Arabella is a lovely character, soft, gentle and terrified of this man who has blindfolded her and then uses her body.  She is innocent and naive and when she does discover what he looks like, she isn’t terrified.  She is fascinated by this man.
Lord Peregrine is a man who thinks he doesn’t deserve love.  He thinks that he can only get sexual gratification through taking it, yet he cannot take Arabella as he would like, her innocence has affected him.  And when he finally works out that she loves him, he stands up for her and protects her against the one man that could destroy them all.
A lovely whimsical gothic erotic story.

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