His Saxon Slave by Danielle Fonda

Published by Allure Books ASIN: B0022NGDMW

His Saxon SlaveLord Bonar De Sky known as the Black Boar by his legion of warriors lays siege to the Saxon stronghold of Garth. The Saxon wench, Kiana, is captured helping Welsh bowmen escape off the cliffs. Bonar’s second in command wants her whipped as the enemy. But Bonar impetuously decides to keep her as his slave.

Kiana is forced to Bonar’s tent, stripped naked and bound against escaping. Now she is the fierce Norman warrior’s slave. When Bonar breaks the siege, he returns to his tent wild-eyed with the blood lust of victory, and he is intent on taking his Saxon slave beneath him. “Berserkers” Kiana’s people call warriors like Bonar and she fears that the strong Norman lord will take her heart and soul as no man has done before. 
But when the liege-heir, Sinnot, demands Kiana as his spoils of war it takes Bonar’s strength to hold his beautiful Saxon slave. This story is a rich Medieval tale, where a slave is a slave, and warriors can be rough, yet still, darkly handsome barbarians.
This story fascinated me a long time ago, and it took me a while to get up the courage to purchase it, but I am pleased I did.
The sex is prolific, and eventually fades away to the storyline, which the best part.
Bonar is a dark character, master of all, but gentle in heart.  He is quite taken with his young beautiful hostage, but wants her for himself, not as spoils of war.
Kiana doesn’t want the dirty barbarian to touch her, but when he does, he does amazing things to her body that she doesn’t understand.  Her loyalties to her own people falter when she realises that Bonar could protect her, and uses her own people to do so.
When he is confronted and asked to hand her over as part of the spoils of war, he is reluctant to do so, wanting only to have her all to himself, but because she is still a virgin, he has to hand her over, but Bonar’s right hand man has other plans.
The story was intriguing and I couldn’t put the story down until I had finished it.  A wonderful compelling and easy read.

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