His Saxon Slave by Danielle Fonda

Published by Allure Books ASIN: B0022NGDMW

His Saxon SlaveLord Bonar De Sky known as the Black Boar by his legion of warriors lays siege to the Saxon stronghold of Garth. The Saxon wench, Kiana, is captured helping Welsh bowmen escape off the cliffs. Bonar’s second in command wants her whipped as the enemy. But Bonar impetuously decides to keep her as his slave.

Kiana is forced to Bonar’s tent, stripped naked and bound against escaping. Now she is the fierce Norman warrior’s slave. When Bonar breaks the siege, he returns to his tent wild-eyed with the blood lust of victory, and he is intent on taking his Saxon slave beneath him. “Berserkers” Kiana’s people call warriors like Bonar and she fears that the strong Norman lord will take her heart and soul as no man has done before. 
But when the liege-heir, Sinnot, demands Kiana as his spoils of war it takes Bonar’s strength to hold his beautiful Saxon slave. This story is a rich Medieval tale, where a slave is a slave, and warriors can be rough, yet still, darkly handsome barbarians.
This story fascinated me a long time ago, and it took me a while to get up the courage to purchase it, but I am pleased I did.
The sex is prolific, and eventually fades away to the storyline, which the best part.
Bonar is a dark character, master of all, but gentle in heart.  He is quite taken with his young beautiful hostage, but wants her for himself, not as spoils of war.
Kiana doesn’t want the dirty barbarian to touch her, but when he does, he does amazing things to her body that she doesn’t understand.  Her loyalties to her own people falter when she realises that Bonar could protect her, and uses her own people to do so.
When he is confronted and asked to hand her over as part of the spoils of war, he is reluctant to do so, wanting only to have her all to himself, but because she is still a virgin, he has to hand her over, but Bonar’s right hand man has other plans.
The story was intriguing and I couldn’t put the story down until I had finished it.  A wonderful compelling and easy read.

My Lady… Series by Shirl Anders

My Lady Series Published by Allure Books ASIN B009OOVZ8O
My Lady Gambled ASIN B001OW60HK
My Lady combo My Lady Compelled
Lady Gabriella St. John is purchased, from a scandalous “wives sale,” by her long-ago admirer and now ex-spy the Duke of Kitteridge.

Lord Kitteridge intends to command and seduce his newly purchased lady away from her too strict English morals. Erotic passions battle amid adventure when Lady Gabriella’s husband returns, trying to steal her back. Old secrets are revealed and launch the Archangels into a new mission to save Lady Gabriella.

My Lady Enslaved
Captured between her deadly twin sister and Lord Ravenscar, Chloe finds herself kidnapped and imprisoned against her will.

The coldly handsome and sexually arrogant Ravenscar refuses to believe Chloe’s claims of mistaken identity as he propels her into the heady realm of submission. This dramatic and carnal adventure finds ex-spy Lord Harrison Ravenscar out for revenge.

My Lady Captive
Lord Wyndham Hawkenge risks everything trying to save Lady Orelan from the hedonistic clutches of an old revival, Alexei Tropov.

Orelan and Wyndham become ensnared within the decadent halls of Valcourt . . . unwilling players in Alexei’s wicked games as Wyndham battles wits and danger trying free the young widow, Orelan.

My Lady Taken
The Duke of Sutherlin’s spying career is over and the time has arrived for him to marry. But Radford isn’t certain he can find a hot-blooded lady like his ex-spying friends from the Archangels have.

Never daunted, he concocts a plan to find a passionate woman to marry by betting himself in marriage on the books at White’s. He is a Duke after all. What he doesn’t expect is the feminine artifice of Lady Nia O’Shea when she sets her witty, seductive, and scheming sights on him. But all is not what it seems in this erotic adventure

My Lady Enthralled 
This is an erotic romance chiller and not for the faint of heart. Saxonhurst embarks on a dark and very dangerous adventure.

He travels overseas, but from mischance, he becomes noticed by the depraved followers of a hedonistic cult. They covet his long river of maple-brown colored hair and his unwilling sexuality for their perverted ceremonies . . . Sexual sacrifices orchestrated by their evil leader, Lord Hellion. Saxon struggles to save both his life and beautiful Joelle’s life. Joelle who was captured with him in the salacious web. Yet, they will fight any way they can, trying desperately to gain their freedom.

My lady GambledMy Lady Gambled
Kit Montoya fears that the lethal Order of the Satyr has caused her brother’s disappearance. She will gamble everything to find her brother, and then she discovers the Archangels interest in The Order and she offers herself as bait. Lord Brynmore Duneagan disagrees with the idea of using her and putting her into danger. Yet Kit will try to infiltrate The Order with or without the Archangels help.

This erotic romance pits the all Archangels and their ladies against evil as they try to find and destroy a serial murderer. Brynmore and Kit are in the lead as they challenge each other. Exciting love scenes and challenges involving each one of the Archangel men and their women that run the gambit of sexual adventures from spanking and bondage to a veil dance.

I loved… no I LOVED this series.  I brought the first book, and couldn’t stop reading it.  It is about a group of men, who in a previous life were spies for the English King.  Once the Napoleanic wars are over, there services are no longer needed, however each and every one of them find themselves in love with a woman they didn’t expect to be in love with.

Each story has erotic elements but the storyline is completely readable and enjoyable.  The men live life hard, the women fight harder for their men.  The stories all culminate in the final book My Lady Gambled, where all of them work together to bring down a serial killer.

The storylines are thrilling, suspense filled and full of wonderful feisty characters.  A must read if you like erotica and action all rolled into one compact book.


Black Blood by Melissa Pearl

Published April 1st 2012 by Melissa Pearl through CreateSpace (first published December 14th 2011)

ISBN 13 9781470113681

Black Blood  Gemma’s parents have put enough rules around her relationship with Harrison that she feels like she’s living on parole. But she wins one battle—a summer job working for Harrison’s step-father. It is the perfect chance to spend the steamy, hot Florida days with her boyfriend. It’s also a great distraction from the cellphone hiding in her underwear drawer—her only contact with Gabe, the mystery man who’s stalking her. 

When she confronts Gabe, he tells her that her parents are not who she thinks they are, and Harrison has the gall to believe him. Surrounded by conflict, Gemma doesn’t know what to believe, and it takes a trip back in time for her to glimpse the sickening truth.

Thanks to her parents, she returns to the present to find the love of her life no longer exists. His family line was broken and now, so is she.

This betrayal forces her to seek out Gabe. Setting aside her fear of the truth, she must trust this man and learn what he can teach her… otherwise, she’ll never get her boyfriend back.

Man, could this story get any better?  Hell yeah!  Just when you thought you had everyone pegged, new mysteries open up to Gemma and when Harrison is ‘removed’ from her life by her parents, she realises that she needs to go to Gabe, who claims to be her real father.

Tension grows between Gemma and her parents as she slowly realises that they have been using her for years, but how have they done it?  She learns to trust Gabe, but she doesn’t completely understand what is going on.

I was curious how Melissa would cope with the removal of Harrison from the story, then have him return, and the way she wove the story leads to some interesting twists that happen towards the end of the book, leading into Pure Blood.

If you haven’t already, do purchase Golden Blood and start this series for yourself.



Mr Darcy’s Letter by Abigail Reynolds

Published November 21st 2011 by Intertidal Press

ISBN 0615571417 (ISBN13: 9780615571416)

Mr Darcy's Letter A lady’s reputation is a fragile thing. If anyone ever discovered that Miss Elizabeth Bennet had received a letter from a single gentleman, she could be ruined… or forced to marry a man she detests. In this Pride & Prejudice variation, Elizabeth takes the safer course and refuses to read Mr. Darcy’s letter of explanation.

 Returning home unaware of Wickham’s true nature, Elizabeth confesses everything to him, putting both Mr. Darcy and herself in grave danger from Wickham’s schemes.

I was nervous about reading a ‘rendition’ of Pride and Prejudice, but once I got into this, I didn’t need to be.  Abigail has managed to capture the essence and the tradition of the original book.

It is a variation though – it starts about half way through the novel after Mr Darcy has proposed to Miss Elizabeth Bennet and she declined.  He wrote her a letter, but she refused to read it, instead burning it.

That small event manages to have large repercussions throughout the remainder of the book.  Mr Wickham still seduces Lydia, but runs off before he is able to be made to marry her, so what is the Bennet family to do.

Elizabeth who renews her acquaintance with Mr Darcy and having met Miss Darcy, Mr Bingley renews his addresses to the senior Miss Bennet

Because of the disgrace the family is in, Mr Bingley is no longer able to propose to Miss Bennet and instead proposes to another lady.

The whole mess seems too much to be untangled, but Abigail does a wonderful job of bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion. 

I could go on about the characters, and the settings, but they have already been analysed before in the original Jane Austen composition.  You would seriously believe that this has been written by Miss Austen herself.


The Runaway Settlers – Elsie Locke

HarperCollins Publishers ISBN 978-1-86950-769-5

The Runaway Settlers The Year is 1859 and the Small family arrives in the Canterbury colony without a penny to their name.  Mother and six children have a hard beginning to their new life – all the more since they are runaways from a cruel father and husband in Australia.  But there are adventures ahead…

Elsie Locke has a way of taking a situation and turning it into a readable story.  I enjoyed her story of the volcanic eruption of Tarawera in A Canoe in the Mist and now she has taken a story of a early colonial family and turned it into a page turner.  The Small’s are sick of being beaten up by an abusive husband and father, and so Mrs Small takes matters into her own hands, and when her husband is away droving stock, Mrs Small takes her family and runs away to Sydney with the hopes of finding a boat to take them somewhere, anywhere away from Mr Small.

They find passage on a ship bound for Lyttleton and so begins the NZ adventure.  This is based on a true story of a pioneer woman who was willing to take on the challenge of bringing up her family on her own in a very hostile location.  Having secured a small run down hut from the man that her sons were supposed to work for,  Mrs Small (now known as Mrs Phipps) forges a life for herself and her children, building up the courage and tenacity in her own children to face their fears and grow stronger.

I loved the fast paced nature of the story.  It didn’t dwell on the negative, instead focused on the challenges and how they overcame them.

A very enjoyable afternoon read.

Tudor Rose – Anne Perry

ISBN 978-1-84299-317-0 by Barrington Stoke Ltd

2011.  Rosie Sands knows she’s making the wrong choices in life, but it’s tough when you’re 15 and you can’t even read.

1588.  Elizabeth Tudor must face the enemy fleet gathering in the English Channel, but she knows there is danger on every side.

When Rosie finds a very special watch in her school-bag, four hundred years of history disappear to bring her face to face with Elizabeth.  A great Queen and a troubled school-girl find they can help each other in ways no one could have imagined.

This story is a lovely story, written for those with reading problems.  Simple sentences, easy to understand words brings the written word to those who struggle to read it.

Rosie is a 15 year old who seems to get into trouble because she doesn’t want people to know her secret – that she can’t read.  But when she is given a watch, she is transported back in time to become a servant to Queen Elizabeth, a woman who faces problems of her own.  The two develop a friendship that is unusual at the time,

This is the first in a series of stories.  I hope that the library will purchase the rest, because it was a nice light, quick read, and awesome for those with dyslexia.

The Shifting Fog – Kate Morton

Allen & Unwin 2006 – ISBN 978 1 74114 800 8

Summer 1924:

On the eve of a glittering Society party, by the lake of a grand English country house, a young poet takes his life.  The only witnesses, sisters Hannah and Emmeline Hartford, will never speak to each other again.

 Winter 1999:

Grace Bradley, 98, one-time housemaid of Riverton Manor, is visited by a young director making a film about the poet’s suicide.  Ghosts awaken and memories, long consigned to the dark reaches of Grace’s mind, begin to sneak back through the cracks.  A shocking secret threatens to emerge; something history has forgotten but Grace never could.

It took me a little while to get into this story, but once I did, I enjoyed it.  The story revolves around two sisters, Hannah and Emmeline and a young maid who unwittingly becomes their friend.  We meet the girls while they are still young, before the events of World War One tore the family apart.

Grace has her own secrets which her mother won’t tell her about, and it is only upon her mother’s death that Grace manages to work it out.

Entwined in the story is a love story involving Grace and a footman from Riverton Manor, and a love triangle involving the two sisters and the Poet, Robert Hunter.

The story flicks from Grace as a 98 year old recording her memoirs for her grandson, and her own memories of the events that led up to that fateful night in 1924.

The characters were well developed and likeable.  I found myself feeling sorry for the two sisters who both led such different and separate lives, yet had once been so close.  There are dark moments in the story and a hint of suspicion on every page.  It took me a while to work out that this was a modern Gothic novel, but it fitted in with the morbid themes very well.

The setting was well written and well researched too, it was nice to read a story involving the interaction of the upper class with their serving staff.  If you like Downtown Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, you will enjoy this story.