T G Ayer – Valkyrie Series New Cover Reveals


Dead Radiance, Dead Embers, Dead Chaos  by T.G. Ayer
(Valkyrie #1-3)
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


Valkyrie Bryn Halbrook is broken and damaged…Struggling to accept the loss of her wings, Bryn’s not sure if she can be a real Valkyrie anymore. But when a mysterious prophecy claims she will be the reason the All-Father dies, she is determined to ensure the prediction will not come to pass.

A visit to the three fates who live beneath the great Tree of life, sends Bryn racing against time to find the missing Heimdall and his horn. As Odin’s life hangs in the balance and Ragnarok draws ever closer, Bryn has to find a way to save Heimdall and Odin before she can discover the truth about who she really is.

In the thrilling conclusion of the Valkyrie series Bryn must battle not only the formidable frost giants and the hated God Loki, but she must also find a balance between what she will lose and what she will gain.

Valkyrie series
TGI have been a writer from the time I was old enough to recognise that reading was a doorway into my imagination. Poetry was my first foray into the art of the written word. Books were my best friends, my escape, my haven. I am essentially a recluse but this part of my personality is impossible to practise given I have two teenage daughters, who are actually my friends, my tea-makers, my confidantes… I am blessed with a husband who has left me for golf. It’s a fair trade as I have left him for writing. We are both passionate supporters of each others loves – it works wonderfully…My heart is currently broken in two. One half resides in South Africa where my old roots still remain, and my heart still longs for the endless beaches and the smell of moist soil after a summer downpour. My love for Ma Afrika will never fade. The other half of me has been transplanted to the Land of the Long White Cloud. The land of the Taniwha, beautiful Maraes, and volcanoes. The land of green, pure beauty that truly inspires. And because I am so torn between these two lands – I shall forever remain crosseyed.

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Skin Deep – T G Ayer

Publisher T G Ayer Books ISBN: 1484836707

Skin DeepPanther Shape-shifter Kailin Odel just wants to be normal. Leaving her clan, and her Alpha responsibilities, to live with her grandmother in Chicago had been the best thing for her. Only then did she discover her ability to track and kill the soul sucking undead creatures called Wraiths. Now she protects the humans, and has something to be proud of. But, when she discovers the body of a murdered shape shifter, Kailin has to come to terms with the reality that her own kind are just as vulnerable as the humans.  

Enter Logan Westin, an agent that investigates the strange and unusual; a cop and a Human…. Can Kailin ignore the attraction between them, can she keep him at arms length before he finds out exactly what she is? 
The closer Kailin gets to the killer the more she has to face the intricacies of her people. When the time comes can she accept who and what her real purpose is? And can she finally allow herself to trust Logan?

Skin Deep is the newest offering from T G Ayer, one of my favourite NZ authors.  Kailin is a shape-shifter, and she kills wraiths, something that her family doesn’t know, and if they did… her life wouldn’t be worth living.

Kailin is a strong person, who ends up in all sorts of trouble after she discovers the body of a fellow shape-shifter – he has been murdered, and the murderer’s know that she has seen the body.

Not only has she got the murderer’s after her, but she also has to deal with a missing sister, and an Uncle who is estranged from the family, and then there is her mother…

Logan has his own skills, he is able to burn things.  His attraction to Kailin grows stronger with every interaction he has, yet neither of them can explain why.  It isn’t until Kailin is kidnapped by her Uncle that puzzle pieces start falling into place.

Pure Blood – Melissa Pearl

Publisher – Melissa Pearl ISBN

  •  1475027605

It is only a matter of time before Gemma’s parents find out she traveled through time to bring Harrison back into existence. The fear of being found out is a heavy weight on her shoulders, but she refuses to give up on everything she’s fought for. Harrison is worth the risk.

The couple draws closer together as they battle opposing forces from all sides. They stay strong until Gemma’s parents welcome an exchange student into their home. Simeon, a gorgeous Californian, is as smooth as coffee and, supposedly, a fellow time spirit. Gemma’s parents expect her to take him everywhere and, of course, fall in love with him. After all, he is the boy they have chosen for her. 

No longer able to sneak off alone, Gemma must watch every step as she waits for the inevitable nightmare to catch up to her. Her parents ultimate goal is to get that last necklace and open the box hidden in their safe. If they do, Gemma knows her entire world will unravel.

As the danger mounts, Gemma must decide if she has the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves and stop to her parents’ destructive plans.

I have read Golden Blood and Black Blood and this is the final in the series.

Gemma has learnt that her parents are not who she thought they were, and they aren’t nice at all.  Harrison is doing all he can to protect Gemma, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough, especially when she escapes her parents, but decides to confront them.

Gemma must go back and save herself from her “parents” so that she can live a normal life with her parents, but is it the answer?  Her parents died protecting her, can she prevent them dying a second time.

Harrison and Gemma are faced with the ultimate sacrifice, and I really don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet, but the ending made me cry.  I won’t say if it was because I was happy or sad, but I think everyone will be shocked by the realisation of the full impact of the sacrifice that Gemma has to make.

I love this series, and highly recommend it to anyone.

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Betwixt – Melissa Pearl

ISBN-10: 1479165913  ISBN-13: 978-1479165919

Beautiful, wild-child Nicole Tepper is hit by a car and left for dead. But when she wakes theBetwixt next morning, Nicole finds herself in bed without a scratch. Perhaps she was more intoxicated than usual, as her mother is giving her the silent treatment and her friends are ignoring her as well. 

Things take a turn for the weird when Nicole soon discovers she is actually hovering between life and death. Her body is lying in the forest while her spirit is searching for anyone who can hear her. Unfortunately the only person who can is Dale Finnigan, the guy she publicly humiliated with a sharp-tongued insult that has left him branded.

Desperate, Nicole has no choice but to haunt Dale and convince the freaked-out senior to help her. Will he find her body before it’s too late? Or will the guy who tried to kill her with his car, beat him there and finish her off before anyone finds out?


Nicole Tepper is a very underestimated person.  She has suffered tragedy in her life, and her way of coping is to close off to those around her.  Her parents have let her have her way, and she became known as bratty.  But she really wasn’t, just misunderstood.  She has had to live with the tragedy for two years, and it has slowly eaten away at her.  It is even eating away at her parents, so when she goes missing, the strain on their marriage is heightened.  The kids at school think she has run away, but the only person Nicole can turn to is the one person she really liked, and humiliated.

Dale has his own tragedies to deal with, and he liked Nicole, saw a kindred spirit, until she embarrassed him, and he is the only person who can hear her.  But she doesn’t know where she is.  How can Dale find Nicole if she doesn’t know where she is?  How can they find out who did this to her?

I loved the character of Nicole, and I could actually relate to her.  I understand where she is coming from, and how people have misconceptions about you, to try and explain away the behaviour.  By the end of the story, Nicole has opened up herself to the one person who could hurt her, Dale.  And Dale realises that Nicole isn’t as bad as she claims.

A lovely romance story, taken from a different perspective.

The Boat Builders Bed By Kris Pearson

Published February 23rd 2012 by Kris Pearson (first published February 1st 2012)


The Boat Builders BedA windy day…a flyaway signboard…a hideous crunch. Sophie Calhoun can’t imagine how she’ll pay for the damage to the luxurious car.

Already cash-strapped, she’s struggling to launch her new interior design studio and make a home for her daughter. She’s only days away from disaster.

Out of the sleek black Jaguar storms super-yacht tycoon Rafe Severino. Steaming mad. Totally gorgeous. And desperately in need of a top-line decorator for his spectacular new harbor-side mansion.

Sophie fears her dream contract comes with strings that tie her to the boat-builder’s bed. No matter how she tries to escape, he’s always there – implacable and irresistible.

She knows he doesn’t want a preoccupied single mother, but concealing her daughter’s existence from the man she’s falling in love with is getting harder and harder. If he discovers her lies, she’ll instantly lose everything.

Warning: contains one determined golden-skinned man who knows his way around boats, bodies and bed-sheets.

Rafe is one of those hero’s that you want to smack in the face with a spade.  You know, arrogant and irritating, but just so bloody gorgeous!  Kris has brought this character to life along with the heroine, Sophie who has a surprising secret that she can’t risk Rafe knowing, and as the story progresses, it get harder and harder for her to tell the truth.

Sophie is a totally likeable character, trying to make a go of it for her daughter’s sake.  She is full of insecurities and doesn’t trust why Rafe would be interested in helping her out.  Rafe just wants to bed her, and use her as revenge against his ex-wife, but he doesn’t count on falling in love.

Kris knows her art, and does it well.  A wonderful enchanting NZ read.