The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse

I started reading this novel ten days ago, and while it might sound like its taking me awhile to read, it has nothing to do with the quality. I’m enjoying this book immensely, loving the sense of humour of the author and giggling out loud far too often for my husbands liking. He doesn’t read books, you see, and it makes him want to know what’s so amusing 😉

I wrote a post on my other blog with some images from the book, you should totally go and check it out. This is the first paper book I have read in over a year, and it’s been quite an experience for me so far.

For instance, I now know that reading paper books is just as tricky as I suspected it would be with three children. My youngest has taken a great fondness for it, which means that any time I am trying to read and get her to sleep she is very distracted by the book and won’t nap. Also, I can’t leave it lying around as all the kids pick it up and want to look through it – I’ve lost my page several times. I don’t know what it is about print books, but they are far more interested in it than they have ever been in my Kindle.

Which, I guess is a really good thing in some ways – they love books and want to interact with them. They recognize them as something good and worth flicking through, and for that I am pleased. I’m obviously doing an okay job of role modelling, even if I very rarely pick up a print book 😉

Anyway, so far this is a really enjoyable book. It’s a delicious slice of NZ speculative fiction, and I really wish I could get more time to read it! Those pesky kids are making it difficult. That said, it’s a beautiful book and this way I get to savor the experience. This is the first release of NZ’s Steam Press (officially on sale as of March 14th), and from what I’ve seen so far, I will definitely be checking out further releases. The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse is already getting some excellent feedback, and I’m looking forward to finishing the book and sharing a review with you here. If you are interested in reading a sample, you can find on here (under the author pic, beside the cover image).

In the meantime… I better find a way to sneak a chapter in here and there while the kids aren’t looking 😉