Repetitive reading?

I love to read.  Some books I have read once.  Reading, oscar wilde quote

But I think there are only a handful of books that I have read repeatedly, because I loved them so much.  

One of them would have to be Pride and Prejudice.  I love that story so much! The drama and action, reaction of the characters, Mr Steamy Darcy, Miss Bennets and their parents, not to mention the scheming Bingley sisters!

Another one is Maia by Richard Adams.  I have read it twice and I think I got more out of it the second time,  because I wasn’t in such a hurry to know what was going to happen next.

Tomorrow When the War Began series by John Marsden.  The adventures of the group of kids, and their survival after their parents and other citizens of their small country town (and the entire country) are invaded while they were away on a camping trip.

I already know how the story is going to end and there is still the same tension and drama, but somehow, you wish that the writing fairies had changed the ending to make it a different book, but alas, they haven’t, and it is still the same book you read and enjoyed. 

I can’t really define what makes a good book, or one that I want to read again and again, other than thorough enjoyment of the characters, the setting and the storyline, because they seem to be the reasons why I reread stories.

What makes you reread stories?